Huobi Exchange ETN Deposits Open


Thanks - amazing pump on Huobi! Interesting and exciting days ahead.


I just created an account. But I’ll wait to see the withdraw fees before deposit ETN on it.
I don’t want to lose 1000 ETN like another exchange I forgot just to play with Huobi.


same here, yesterday I created an account, submitted my passport image, tried the app. now waiting to see how it develops


I just created my Huobi account but I can’t find ETN on the exchange anywhere.


have you checked at deposits?


If you are from the US then you can’t trade it yet


Yes, I am in US…Richard should have mentioned that in his announcement…


the FB post yesterday showed “coming soon to US and Japan”


He did…on social


Thank you! I live in Tucson, AZ


Been there myself, pretty neat place!


Thanks! I sure hope so now that there is a 5.7M trading competition I’m gonna miss out on that also:frowning_face:


if I understood the rules right you participate in the competition with a proportional way. if you trade 1 etn only you won’t get the chance to win the whole 5.7m but just part of it


Registration via the global site did not work from South Africa. Tried multiple times but it kept failing.

However found a way in. Downloaded the global app from playstore and got registered in under 2min.

Used this app:

How long do transfers take to appear? Have transferred etn but not seeing it in app yet. Did the transfer an hour ago.


You need to wait for 50 confirmation so with our 2 min blocks is about 100 minutes so 2 hours :slight_smile:


Oki, thanks for the info. So the instant payment doesn’t work to exchanges. Now I understand. Thanks


Thanks very much. I found it, I’m signed up and sent 150 ETN. :slight_smile:


Huobi is warning users that “etn is an asset with higher risks”

Thanks for the warning Huobi. That won’t stop the entire electroneum community from buying in.

I must say thank you to @ETNCEO this is the 1st transaction I have ever done in an exchange. Not yet sure how I will get the etn out again, buy I bought in today and made my first exchange for some BTC.

Was fast and easy. Lost a few bucks in first few seconds because BTC taking a crash, but I didn’t invest more than I can loose and everything I invested I got for free by mining electroneum, so it’s a win win and soon I will understand how this exchange stuff works. Watch this space for progress.

Hats off. Thanks for making it easy.



Awesome! Great update, thank you!