Huobi Exchange ETN Deposits Open


Where in Arizona are you from? Spent some time in Tucson myself


I like quartzsite arizona. I like looking through all the old gold mines, it’s fun. @mbrown49ers


When Binance? It would be great for ETN to be listed there.


:joy: I had to like it :joy: welcome back to the forum :wave: :zap:


when people dont remember to ask “when binance” thats should be the time ETN get to be listed on Binance


I would love to create an account with Huobi and send them 100 ETN, but I am Canadian. The USA site only accepts American citizens from certain states and the international site is written all in Chinese, and I cannot read Chinese. This eliminates a lot of ETN holders from all over the world being able to help the cause.


Change language in settings on page. Welcome to the community forum by the way :wave:


Watch this video @384dc68b05586c58117e . If you’re on mobile language setting is on bottom right of page. If on web top right


Thanks for this mail update. I received same text via email and its good that we keep all users that register into electroneum ecosystem informed. I love you. Monthly emails will be good thing. :slight_smile:


150 ETN is the minimum deposit in huobi…


Brilliant update, I have set up an account quickly. Already deposited for trading today to have a little play. Super news, looking forward to new users in Asia coming on. They will love etn.


Smooth deposit, very fluid


etn now trading on Huobi!!


Thank you Richard, .


this is the straight link to the English page on mobile


All signed up ETN sent and ready to trade :slight_smile:


75m Etn volume already it’s pretty exciting even on the 1 minute chart


Welcome to the community . Im sure once huobi see what etns trades are like we will spread all over the place like peanut butter on toast.

Thanks for the email richard…

Fantastic listing …

Joined huobi and sent coins over…

The force is strong with this one


Welcome to the community @384dc68b05586c58117e


just to confirm, I’m not asking people to trade either way - we never ask people to buy or sell ETN - but opening an account with Huobi and depositing a few ETN shows the size of our community.