Huobi Exchange ETN Deposits Open


Hi Everyone!

Great news - ETN (Electroneum) has been first stage listed on the huge Asian crypto exchange Huobi. ETN Deposits are now open.

Create an Huobi account here:

United States Users:

Global Users: [choose english or your language]

Global Users [English Pre-Selected]


We are asking our users to create an account (if they don’t already have one) and deposit some ETN if they’d like to be considered for an ETN trading competition that Huobi will run, if there is enough interest. Remember to include a Payment ID with your deposit (Huobi call them “Tags”).

The more users that arrive at Huobi and deposit some ETN, the more interest they can see there is in Electroneum. This will make it far more likely that we will be part of a trading competition that will be good for exposing ETN to a new audience.

ETN World First (again!)

There are literally billions of people in Asia that don’t realise the the world’s first top ups of mobile airtime and data are taking place directly in cryptocurrency - and it’s NOT with Bitcoin! We are on a mission to let the world know that Electroneum has so many firsts - and is now the first cryptocurrency that can be used to top up airtime and data directly via ETN, using our easy app. Combine that with cloud mining and we have something pretty exciting to millions of users in the developing world.

MWC Barcelona

If you missed my quick MWC update this week - you can catch it here:

Get those Huobi accounts open, they have one of the easiest sign up processes in the world, so please open an account and show them your interest in ETN!

As always, I thank each and every one of you for being part of the Electroneum community! Remember you can always get involved, chat, ask questions and help others at our awesome community forum:

Richard Ells

Founder & CEO,

ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club

Great work :clap: just opened my account :+1: patiently waiting to get some Etn once live in the U.S. :zap:

Onwards and upwards
:bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:


Major exchange, this is a dream coming through👍


Great work. Just opened account and send some ETN there. :clap::clap:


@ETNCEO Thank you for the update and efforts behind the scenes.

Can you please confirm if the M1 devices being shipped to South Africa have ICASA approval and the type approval stickers. Have asked before but feedback is a tad slow. Thanks

ICASA type approval is a little sticker stuck on the phone and box as per this sample.

Possibly you can share a photo here of an M1 with ICASA sticker or let me have one via pvt message to post online to create awareness.

Thanks. Keep up the good work.


The link @ETNCEO shared bouncing to a Chinese page from South Africa. Not sure if it’s a bug or typo. The screenshot shows what I see when clicking the global link Richard shared.

The English global page is at this link:


Tried to register, get as far as this screen and cannot get any further as no email with verification is received. Will try again in a few days. Will first wait for their server to send me verification.

Possibly there servers are overloaded. Have checked spam folders aswel.


I think the proper English link is this


I am not based in the USA. Seems they have a US page and a global page. The global page also has an English link. Not really sure. Maybe electroneum can verify.


and from that page there is a link to the android app on the top


Opened my account, setup all the security options (2FA, Mobile etc) and sent over a small few thousand ETN which are confirmed received.

Pretty painless experience but I don’t know about any other required documents at this point or trading/ transfer limits.

Hopefully the community will get on board and create their accounts and send at least a few hundred ETN into their account – which Richard eludes to increasing the possibility of a Huobi / ETN trading competition / promotion, which inturn would be great to highlight the ETN coin on such a large trading volume exchange.

So what are you waiting for - go create your Huobi accounts, send some ETN and tweet about it now :hugs:

You can use
Invitation code: evd94


The transfer limits are on the verification page.
Level 1 is 2,000usd daily 10,000 monthly. I agree setting up account was a quick and easy for me. I’m in the U.S. so I have to wait but I’m ready :+1:


So the team literally requested we join the exchange and add some volume to it?


Yes - adding even 200 ETN will show Huobi the account is ETN active and will help to get a possible trading promotion which would be great and free advertising on the exchange.

It will bring the attention of our coin to the huge trading volume of Huobi


Cool, I’ll move 10k there later tonight then. TY.


Good job Richard and the ETN Team!
Opened an account with Huobi and sent some ETN to Huobi… the whole process was very simple!
Onwards and Upwards! :slight_smile:


Too Bad Huobi is not available in some US States. I would love to use but cant here in Arizona.


Great stuff! Our super quick walk-through re: Registration:

If anyone would like to RT, here’s our tweet:


Screen-recorded verification and depositing, too. Should we make the vids—are these helpful at all?


Welcome to the community! Happy to have you