How will iOS release impact Electroneum


Electroneum will release their iOS App in the next weeks and it’s going to be great! :heart_eyes:

With this release we are getting access to 97% of the total mobile users (previously was around 75% from Android users alone) which represents an increase of around 22% from iOS, those are HUGE numbers!
Also taking in consideration that new iOS phones starts from $500 onwards, more acquisitive power is coming into play, which is always welcomed :ok_hand:

Lastly but not least important is that the whole “mining system” is getting upgraded, with cloud mining everyone will be able to get some Free Electroneum from the app which is going to make a lot of people happy!

Tell us what do you think about this great addition to the Electroneum ecosystem and how will impact the overall value.


The time is almost here!

Apple iOS Launch (finally!)… and Cloud Mining too!

The first week of January will see our iOS app that includes cloud mining go into 100 user BETA. The second week we will release it to our 5000+ iOS testflight users (still in BETA) and (subject to testing) should be in the Apple Store by the end of January


Thanks CRYPTO506
We all like the statistics here.Just ask @chris.gorman!
I think it will initially boot the price and they will very strategically release a "partnership"or similar to keep the momentum from there.
We’re in very good hands in the business and marketing department
Were blessed to have some of the finest minds in their field!


The IOS app may or may not be released at the advised time. If it is not, investors will continue to wait. If it is released at the advised time, the impact will be minimal.

In the current bear market, milestone completions have been demonstrated to produce fleeting results at best.

With patience, you will not see meaningful results until:

The product eco system is complete
Processes have been refined to the point of being easy to use
ETN is easy to obtain for consumers
The product has been made available to the consumer market beyond trial phase, with above conditions met

When all that happens, then we will see continuous and sustained results



Ummm, interesting :thinking:
On the other hand; there’s no regularity found (or proven) in the Pareto’s Principle…
Anyway, I like the assumption :+1:t2:

Read HERE about Pareto’s Principle.


I see what you did there :wink:. It is certainly not a universal law and does have problems if assuming regularity. I am not. If you take a look at my entire post referenced above, not just the excerpt, this becomes abundantly apparent.

:point_right:We were examining iPhones here within the context of smartphone users, that is all. And indeed iPhone users account for approximately 20% of smartphone users globally and over 80% of transaction dollars. Thus.


That’s exactly what i was trying to point out, thanks a lot Jeff :ok_hand: