How wide is ETN's moat?

Most of us here are already very impressed by the actions Richard and his team have set in motion to create an ecosystem in which ETN has a use other than as a speculative investment. But how wide is ETN’s moat? Say, for example, that Amazon decided to add a crypto coin to its suite of payment options. Or that Vodaphone decided that it would be better served by having its own coin rather than one that could be used by its competitors as well. And if it did, would there be instant payment methods available to them that would not involve ETN’s patent?

Put another way, how important is the first-mover advantage?

It’s all well and good to be positive about ETN’s future (as I am), but we should be considering whether some behemoth could swoop in and muck everything up . . .

The fact is that they can’t create a coin like ETN and its use cases. So it will be easier for them to just use it.
This happens in other domains as well.

Yeah being first and gaining a market and brand name is pretty critical. :slight_smile:

Even if that did happen ETN at the moment seems to be focusing on the unbanked although getting into bed with one of those companies would by all means be good publicity for ETN im sure, I don’t personally see ETN becoming big anytime soon in western countries as we have less use for it but I could be wrong, so Im not expecting house hold names to accept it but one can dream.

There are other methods of instant payments that other cryptos are using ETN won’t be the only one that has it, these bigger companies I would think are less likely to make there own crypto because they would want to go with one that is already well established, has proven tech and one that has a big userbase so customers would actually use it.

If they were to make there own coin then they would have to try and convince people on why to use it in the first place, predicting this type of stuff is really hard its quite possible a huge corp could be working on there own crypto but I think they would be more likely to integrate an existing coin into there network.

I think ETN is special in many many ways and they could bring it as far as they want to bring it we don’t know what the future holds for ETN but one thing is certain with everything they are doing So far Electroneum is building something amazing for many years to come and to be used by as many people as possible Will ETN have struggles? Yeah of course they Will have them but in the end So far ETN came back on top stronger if got knocked down already but i see a bright future for ETN Its definitly possible for it to reach the top 10 if it ever happens I’ll be super happy to be part of This amazing oportunity :blush:

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yea, im not sure how a company like amazon would go about starting its own coin, i can see how they might want a block chain and smart contracts maybe but their own coin? they’d be better off accepting coins as payments.

I agree @a46d780ca9c84529fd78 we should suggest them ETN :thinking:

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There are plans to have atomic transfers (cross chain transactions) bitcoin and litecoin have already achieved this now there are plans for litecoin and monero to achieve an atomic transfer, the future is looking bright for crypto we are currently in a transition stage of moving to web 3.0 there’s so many concepts being put forward while the price is down I urge people to research what the future holds for crypto it’s incredible!

yea atomic swaps, they were the big thing half a year ago, don’t hear much about them anymore. Litecoin let its community down when they abandoned litepay. ETN will take this market.

they did the right thing abandoning litepay, litepay were dodgy in the end would have been a catastrophe for litecoin if they went through adopting litepay. Of course atomic transfer has gone quiet litecoin and monero made the announcement and they’ve gotta put their heads down and make it happen, I asked knife of pie a while back when monero atomic transfers he said next year

I think euh Credits managed to do 1 million transactions a second in their tests is what I heard atleast :thinking:

But I agree ETN will take the market slowly over a lot of coins aren’t really delivering up on their promises :roll_eyes:

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I come from the future, 2028 to be more specific.
There is no fiat money anymore.
ETN is the world currency and it saved a lot of countries from extinction because of the inflation.
It currently goes for $1000 per coin.
BTC still exists, as a means of storing your wealth, and it goes for $1.000.000 per coin.

I still remember how skeptical the world was back in 2018.
They wish they wouldn’t have lost the train at the right time, and now, because of the FOMO, the crypto prices went crazy.
Peace out!


This is me from the past @eFiJy I hope you are right and I’ll hodl till 2028! :blush: :rocket:

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Only $1000 a coin in 2028? Forget it, I’m selling all my ETN now. So disappointing.


Haha @Squidward_Nakamoto

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