How we in the community can help

We seem to be good at waiting for news. With a few exceptions we are not good at doing anything to help the team. I am guilty of this myself so please don’t feel like I am calling anyone out here.
One thing that surprises me is that more emphasis has not been placed on helping to encourage people to do their own remittance now that there is a credible way to spend ETN in 140 different countries. This is an area where the community can help the project in a meaningful way. My assumptions are as follows.
Someone in the developed world wants to send 50 dollars to someone in the developing world. A case could be made that it could be done in ETN depending on which country the sender is in. If the person on the receiving spends say 10 dollars on their mobile bill a month what can they do with the rest? One answer is to barter paying the phone bills of their neighbors directly in trade for other goods. The other is to trade etn directly to their neighbors who can then trade it for goods and so on.
Given these assumptions I would assert that in much of the world the minimum that is needed to drive demand is already there. The team is also working on expanding options for where to use ETN whenever possible so if things go even sort of well this should improve.
It is now merely a matter of informing possible users about this. What can be done? I would say motivated existing users could make instructional videos of how to buy ETN in their locality and then explain this use case to people that may want to send money “back home”. Ideally these can be tailored to each combination of countries involved and language specific. In many countries a regulated exchange is available to buy ETN. Since ETN is a regulatory complaint cryptocurrency we should avoid teaching ways that are not regulated in this material.

In the US there is no regulated exchange available to us for etn yet. I have high hopes for this changing. When it does I promise videos will be done to help show people how to do this in the US.

It’s no secret that many in the food service industry are immigrants to whatever developed country they are living in. Once the material is available it invites other motivated ETN investors to introduce them to this alternate way of sending remittance. This could lead to more and more places for people to spend ETN in the developed world first informally to staff at your local restaurant and then as it becomes proven and accepted by the businesses themselves.

I will point out what I am describing above is a way we can help to drive both real world usage and also REAL volume to exchanges.
Anyone have anything to add to this? Could this be something that people can get hired to do on anytask?

So after taking a bit to ponder there are things the team can do to help this process along.
I know that in app purchases are enough of a legal minefield that they do not want to touch it. How about helping targeted exchanges, the kyc ones, create an app that once configured for an end user lets them transfer funds to an exchange, buy etn at market, and then withdraws straight to their etn wallet. Perhaps a grant of etn rewards can incentivize people to go through the kyc process on a partner exchange to get the app set up. I think there is a good chance that a little incentive here can drive repeat business and help speed adoption.
I know on a regulated exchange I deal with I can do all of this with a number of clicks on a web page to buy btc. I get credit for the deposit before the 5 days to clear and can buy the btc immediately. After the 5 days I can transfer to another exchange that has a btc/etn pairing.

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