How trendy (sexy) is ETN with comparition to others crypto projects


For nice summary just go to this SITE (we are most popular than the smaller projects, beat us only BTC, ETH, LTC and Monero…)
Link here:
And here another picture taken from my excel - in which countries are now popular to go to online wallet:


One day we Will beat the more populair ones also :wink:


With time we will be on top!


Agree 100% its just matter of TIME and our PATIENCE is the key to SUCCED :wink:


we’ll eventually be one of the top coin in the near future :point_up_2::fire:


Oh Romania in the number five spot, nice!
I guess all the traffic is made by me only. :smiley:


Its sexiness is off the charts… D:



Haha that’s funny @Nicolas :yum:


ETN dribbles itself everywhere it’s so sexy.