How to pass on ETN to loved ones?

How easy is it to pass on your ETN to family etc in the event of something happening to me ? Is it a case of making sure they have my log in details ie password , pin or does it require special measures . Can anyone help ?

You could keep some of your ETN on an offline wallet and just tell family where you keep it, thats one easy way.


Hoping for ETN cold storage to save my coins

This is a topic that requires more time to mature. The quick answer right now is by either telling them your info or writing it all down and locking it away somewhere and putting it in a will that they are allowed to access the locked area upon death.

The long answer involves the a maturity of the space with custodial services and next of kin clauses that allow the custodian to release funds to approved next of kin upon death. Will we ever get there? Not with all crypto…but with ETN, I’m sure we will as they are a hybrid. They would be able to set something like this up based on the funds you keep in their system, but if you have any ETN on any other platform (paper wallet, third party cold storage, phone wallets) they would not be able to help. But we’ll see.

We all have to keep in mind we are early adopters here. We are pioneers exploring things that the world has never seen. There are very little rules or safety nets. The rest of the world will catch up at some point and do their best to safety proof the hell out of everything and ultimately ruin it like they always do…but for now, proceed at your own risk and simply don’t die. :slight_smile:


Thanks cryptoman, I’ll definitely try not to do that !