How to make KYC (not yoti)


I was directed to the below link when I told support that I could not use YOTI to do KYC but I instead then ask how to do it normally without YOTI:

So I beleive how will I do level 1 and level 2 without YOTI?
Is there a link where I can begin to do a KYC in order to access my electronium tokens in my account?

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First, raise a support ticket and ask them to disable YOTI as you are having problems with it.

Once that’s done, you submit all documents via


Were you directed here from a support ticket? If yes, then raise another support ticket to explain the situation, this time you’ll be able to upload all info directly with electroneum. If you you were directed here without making a support ticket you should create one now at
I hope this helps you to resolve the issue. Any troubles, just check back here. And we’ll be happy to help again. :slight_smile:

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