How to make a Pension Pot or Have your own ETN Bank

I have been saving ETN now on a paper wallet. What you do is create a Paper PDF wallet and then save it in a memory stick.

Cut out the Public Wallet box and save it where you can get at it.

You can use a paper wallet like a bank account as when you pay to the Public Wallet box the amounts Add up! Your Paper Wallet will be safe on the Memory Stick and you can safely have the Public Wallet Box anywhere while you keep adding to it even when your internet is on so it will look like below.

I have also copy and pasted the actual numerical code too and you only need one Paper PDF Wallet.

Any thoughts on this or how to improve it are welcome.

I also change the file name at the end to the amount in the Pension Pot so you know how big it is!

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100 ETN then 250 ETN then import wallet! All in a safe way!!

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You can even make an ETNEverywhere poster afterwards

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Here’s my ETN pension pot @Magic

With a paper wallet holder.

I’ve got my keys on a micro SD.

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I’ve just been putting all my ETN in it since 2018.
I still don’t know how much ETN I have exactly.

Probably gonna import it in 2030.:blush:

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How about printing the public wallet qr code on a t-shirt ?

That way customers can just scan your shirt and pay you wherever you go.

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Nice so it’s all safe and you can add To it anytime you want!

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Haha :rofl: you could do a donate day!! People can ask you to do stuff for ETN!!

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I was thinking of doing another one!!

What’s everyone’s thoughts!?

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