How to invite new user to ETN community forum?


Hi everyone. Is there any invite link that can be used to invite new users to this ETN community forum? Appreciate the help. Thank you.


Next to the Reply button there is an invite, just add the one you want to invite? Hope that iswhat you looking for?


Nope this is only for invite someone who is already registered. We need some link send to someone who is not yet registered and this possibility is not available…


Yes this is precisely i am asking for. :wink:


Are you aware you can sed them a a link and they can view the topic but not post?
Hope that helps


I have asked and under every post you have invite buton and you can write there email adress or nickname of person from the forum :wink:


Well I have texted a link (to a ppt in a topic)to a mate who isnt registered and he scrolled up and down reading posts in that topic.


Do we know how to invite new user to join the forum?
Do we have some kind of referral link ??


I believe the only current way is as mentioned above. where you select the invite option on the topics, usually at the bottom of every topic.


1 like for thermite!