How to Invest in Cryptocurrecy?


I’m new to cryptocurrency area, I already have bought 0.1 btc. However I’ve no idea how to invest it and trade it to earn more profit. Can someone give me some advices?


If you are looking to make more money there are 3 options. 1. Hold your BTC in hopes the price will go higher than it is now and sell it when you have made profit a while from now. 2. Exchange it for another coin like ETN and wait to see if that coin rises in price. 3. Trade your BTC daily to try to make smaller profits(this is the riskiest way).


Firstly, you should choose the token that you think is promising. Then, choose a reliable exchange that listed that kind of token. But in my opinion, the most trustworthy cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. You can check the guide on how to buy BTC.


1.Believe in nothing -Until you have Questioned Everything.Do your OWN Research. (Multiple sources)
2.Never sell for less than you paid…
Rainbows come around when you stand in the same place…not when you go out looking for them!
3.when in doubt, DONT…
When youre absolutely positive go with it, No regrets.
Above all else have fun.
If you stress over day to day price corrections, maybe Crypto isnt the right investment.Its a volatile space.

This does not constitute financial advice.