How to get in touch with other Electroneum Users?


Hi, Im Marcel from Germany.
Around me there is not really one who I can talk about Electroneum. The most people I talk to dont even know what Bitcoin is!
My Question is going especially to the Germans out there. Is there anyone who is interested to talk and discuss about the ELECTRONEUM Coin ?

Im really proud to be a part of this community and also extremely confident about the future of Electroneum.
I wish you all a nice day :slight_smile: HODL


Heey @Dotzel Welcome to the forum! I am not from Germany but Im your neighboor Im from the Netherlands we can always talk of course :sunglasses:


Hey, that’s great. Thanks for the answer. Do you know if there exist a Community Teamspeak or Discord server where I have the opportunity to talk to someone?


Hmm No as far as i know not there could be but Didnt hear of any So far Else you could make the first one :thinking:


I dont have the know how to create such a big thing :D. I hope there is someone who is ready to begin this path :slight_smile:



You can also create a German telegram group and talk about it in main chat. And a topic here which says that you are looking for German friends would also make it easier.


Hallo @Dotzel und ich suche etwas here - you can join the germany group at Facebook:


You could also try to introduce ETN to them so the word van get out. They may not get it but they’ve heard it. One traction is caught, they’ll remember and it’ll be much easier for them to get interest and likely want to know more or even engaged.