How to find out the wallet address of where ETN has been sent

So here’s the thing… I have some ETN stuck in Cryptopia still. I know the address of my BTC wallet in Cryptopia, because I can see the address when I log into Coinbase and look at where I sent my original BTC…

I also know the address of my ETN wallet here at… and can see previous transactions where I had sent ETN from Cryptopia. But when I look at those transactions, although I can explore the block-change and see the transaction hash - I can’t work out the Cryptopia wallet address that it came from!

Anyone know how to do this? I thought it should be possible, especially given the AML and KYC features of ETN! I could do with the Cryptopia ETN address so I can give it to the Cryptopia liquidators to prove I own the wallet…

If you sent ETN using your App-wallet it’s easy, just look it up in the Transactions, push it and hit the button Prove sending

This will take you to the blockchain explorer site to show proof that you sent this tx to the given address. You can copy and use the link to this page as proof (do not share the link here :grin:)

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TX ID for each transaction is required. As long as you have the TX ID from Cryptopia transactions, you should be able to decode outputs. In case you’ve missed some details, check out the two guides below.

The process of decoding transaction outputs via Electroneum blockchain explorer for exchanges and paper wallets is identical, given you obtained TX IDs upon sending or receiving Electroneum.


Thanks for the input guys - though I’m not sure it helps me… I had a look at the guide and I can’t easily see what I need. I sent ETN FROM Cryptopia to my Electroneum wallet. I obviously know the address of my Electroneum wallet - I still have access to it :slight_smile: But I don’t have the Cryptopia address it came from - which is what I am trying to find. Even when I look at the block-chain explorer - I can’t see anything that looks like an ETN address…

You can not look up ETN wallets on the blockchain, because it is anonymized by default in monero.

If you have received ETN there is still a transaction Tx Hash and you can watch it on the blockchain but sender and receiver wallets are not visible

AFAIK hackers got access to wallet KEYS and used them to empty some of their wallets (btc, eth, erc20???).

There is no info suggesting userdatabase with deposit/withdrawals or trading history were destroyed, meaning they still know what they owe you.

What you are trying to do is not possible, only thing you can prove is that you had an account and that you sent them btc.

Those of us who deposited ETN probably sent them to the same ETN wallet using a personalized payment ID and I’m pretty sure the exchange used one or more CLI wallet(s) (not trackable by ETN LTD)

Knowing the cryptopia ETN wallet will get you nowhere, you cannot use it to prove anything and it is impossible to track transactions using this information.

You need to trust the liquidators to do their job, and pray hackers didn’t access their ETN keys.

OK - thanks for that. I guess I thought with all the KYC and AML aspects of ETN that you SHOULD be able to tell where ETN came from… You are correct in saying that I can prove I sent BTN to my account at Cryptopia, and I hope you are right about them being able to trace the transaction history etc… so hopefully they will be able to return the funds to us…

I guess the biggest risk is if, when we deposit funds into an exchange, the funds are then considered to be an asset of the exchange, and therefore something that the creditors can demand payment from - ahead of our getting them back. Also, as the exchange has gone bankrupt - it will cost $$$ for someone to go through each account holder’s details/transaction details etc - who pays for that effort? I can only assume that they will have to work out some sort of package deal - probably a generic percentage cut that they will take from everyone’s accounts to pay for the effort of working out whose owed what!

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I really hope some funds can be retrived in the end