How to Earn Free Electroneum (ETN)

Ways to get ‘free’ ETN directly and indirectly: This topic shows various options for those that do not have a lot of money or that just want even more ETN like me!!! Will add to this list over time!!! Please add your own options to help others get more ETN. Note: Please do not include any referral codes, as soliciting is not allowed on this forum.

  1. Electroneum app with cloud mining (Direct). > ETN coin! > Daily.

If you sign someone up and give them your referral you will get 5% bonus of what they could mine and they will get 1% bonus. And the project network gets bigger!

  1. Bit-tube Chrome Extension> Tube coin to ETN > Daily

Just watch videos on autopilot in a browser!!!

Payouts include 5ETN to start and currently paying really good Tubes (about 1 tube per hour atm). 1 tube = 3.3 ETN (currently) So you might earn say 10 Tubes or about 33 ETN (once you swap on the tradeOrge exchange per day!

Signup and get 5 free ETN!!!

UPDATE 19 Feb: Tube payout now moved from 7 days to 3 days from when you first use the browser to surf the web!!! Yay! Just got paid 4 days worth!

  1. freebitcoin (faucet – fun)> BTC coin to ETN > Daily

Will show you some tricks on how to get more btc here soon [details coming]. Once you reach the withdrawal limit you can send to exchange and buy ETN. The best project in town

Coming soon!!!

  1. Brave Browser (will add details soon) > BAT coin to BTC to ETN > Monthly

UPDATE 18Feb: Brave browser will pay BAT coins for watching Ads from 19 February 2019!!!

Will show you how to get max result from this

PAYOUT Expectations:

ETN App: Minimum about 1400 ETN per year (at 3.84 ETN per day)
Bittube Chrome browser: 5-6000 ETN per year (at min 4-5 tubes per day, will reduce as more users). I am currently getting 10-12 per day!!! So 35 ETN equivalent (not max) = 12,000-14000ETN per year.
free bitcoin: Depends on how clever, disciplined, controlled and lucky you are but no real upper limit. And its free!!!
Brave Browser: tba

Hope that helps you get more ETN (especially those without a lot of fiat) and share the love and ETN!


Can you be more specific and write how to gain and than exchange TUBE (2.) download extension to chrome what next? And where trade tube to ETN - exchange that support both (name)… Thanks for this list…

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Yeah will do - just wanted to get it out there first. The exchange is there tradeOrge.

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I just download the extension and instaled. Now i need to sign in do you have some referal code?

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You are grinding so hard. I love it. Hha

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Good write up Storm. Tube is my #2 project, so I’m not trading it for ETN myself. But it is certainly an option via Tradeogre! I would use your referral link in your post so you and new users will get the 5 tube bonus for signing up for the extension (I believe they are still doing that). The extension can be used on Chrome, Brave and Firefox with more to come.

I won’t go into full tube shill mode here but it is one to watch. I follow the project closely. In terms of using the extension, you simply install it, verify you are a real person via phone verification. Then you will simply start accumulating what they call “airtime”. At the end of each day, your time browsing the internet will be calculated and you will be paid a certain amount of Tube for that time. You can then open the wallet via the extension and do whatever you please with it. If you want to send it to tradeogre, go for it. But for me…I’m holding on to all my tube!

Good job Storm, this is a great way to get more ETN if that’s what people’s goal is!

Edit: I forgot to mention, it takes 3 days for the airtime to verify, so you won’t get paid every day from the previous day’s airtime. You will get paid everyday after the three day rolling verification time ends…if that makes sense.


Yes I do but we are not allowed to share referrals on the forum. For BitTube extension one just shares a link with the referral code on the end (you can find it under Options). Anyway congrats and you should get your 5 free ETN soon from the BitTube team. Open a browser and watch some video playlist with lots of videos and you won’t have to do anything :slight_smile:

You are on to it and nice guide notes :slight_smile:

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Sorry but i need to uninstall bcs at every facebook or twitter post i see donate some tube… so for me was a little bit anoying…

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You can just turn off rather than uninstall and then turn on when you need to :wink:

That is interesting. I never thought I would see someone be annoyed by having the ability to tip so easily. But to each their own. That is one of the best features of the extension IMHO.

Hey, some people like to see things a certain way. Its clean, safe, and familiar. Haha. Nothing wrong with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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  1. JSEcoin Website Mining (Coin ranked 1024 on CMC, price $0.000782 USD, and market cap $346k, small project)

Earn free JSE coins by mining on the web with your PC, and eventually buy ETN when you have enough! Easy signup and click mining button!!!

PAYOUT Expectations:

Signup bonus of 0.12JSE. I have only installed it for an hour or so and already have 4 JSE coins. Early adopters benefit most with this one with only 2332 miners atm. Watch the video.

Can sell on exchanges: Latoken and Idex.

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To join Pi, follow this link :slight_smile: and use my
username (3babs) as your invitation code.