How to daemon mine Electroneum!

This is how the NGO’s will help ETN.


I guess my question is… with PoR will the charities/NGO’s
selected by ETN be running their financials through the blockchain or is it just the mining rewards?

Just the rewards i would of thought

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Yeah that is what it appears to read like…that’s the part which makes me question Proof of Resposibilty?
Mining responsibility yes…but organization responsibility not necessarily.

Correct imo the organizations are responsible for mining the blockchain in return they get the block rewards. While at first they may not incorporate Etn into their business model, they will have some in their hands and will need to decide what to do with it. At some point Imo they would find a use besides only cashing to fiat. Remember these organizations will be located in areas where deals will be live for top ups ext. While at first the connection and responsibility is solely for the blockchain we can imagine how these partnerships may grow in time. Step 1 is get it into their hands and see what they do with it.

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I have the same issue as on the beginning was written and after all the replays and answers I still don’t understand or it wasn’t clearly answered:

  1. This error messages:

Then this message :slight_smile:
Found block for difficulty: 36057
Then this message :neutral_face:
Mined block failed verification

is possible somehow resolve, that we doesn’t have it?
I have difficulty higher as the block in the error message.

  1. On the beginning was answer that we can’t mine privately, but then in the official letter is written that we should be able to mine even for reduced rewards. So can we mine or not? And if yes, we can only on mobile phones or on our PC’s too?
    If can mine on our PC’s then is needed to get back to point 1. and resolve it.


you can mine etn only if you are an NGO approved by etn LTD. you can mine other coins on your PC and exchange it to etn. if you mine at pool it does the exchange for you automatically

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And how is possible to be approved by the by the ten LTD?


You have to be a Non Government Organization (NGO) in order to be approved.

" Q: Can new NGOs apply to mine?

A: I If you know or are an NGO that focuses on vocational training and education, and that it is within the developing world, then we would love to hear from you via our community forum."

read here:

So if you are an NGO send a message to @ETNCEO

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So then, what rewards do we get for running a full node? As we spend a lot running this full node.

I sync my node once a week when I want to “fetch” my mined etn to my CLI wallet. ( I mine alts and exchange them to etn.) I could do it once a month. that’s not a lot to spend. I could use a remote node so I wouldn’t even need the space for the blockcain database on my PC and the fetching my etn would be much faster.

BTW you don’t really need to sync to your PC till you want to send/receive from/to a CLI wallet. your etn is there on the blockchain on the NGOs computers.

BTW2 if you use the online wallet then you see your wallet’s state real time.

So how/why/what do you spend a lot?

BTW3 each of the NGOs gets about $10k/mo.

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I run my node 24/7 and on a vps. Please which of the alt coin do you mine and where/how do you mine it?

One option:

…also don’t forget you can use a public node with both CLI and the community desktop wallet.

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I mine on with my cpu and xmrig software. the altcoin is chosen by the pool and we get paid in etn. I have Intel core I7 7700 cpu. it makes 15-30 etn/day.

I mine Ethereum on with my gpu and claymore software. I mine to my’s eth wallet and exchange eth to etn weekly to my etn wallet at liquid (0 fee). I withdraw etn to my CLI wallet when I have over 5000 etn (5-11 weeks) at to have the withdrawal fee (50 etn) under 1%. I have nvidia gtx 1080 gpu. it makes 60-140 etn/day.

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Thank you @BegaMutex for the pointers.

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Thank you @lkelemen for the pointers, I will try it and see how it goes. But though, do you have an idea of the particular coin that the pool, mines to convert to etn?

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the pool changes the altcoin all the time. I didn’t set any coin to be mined by xmrig.

the owner of the pool is @Crypto_Kangaroo
he can explain it more here or on telegram.
you can join the telegram group here


@lkelemen Thanks a lot. This is been a useful info

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