How to create an instant payment

hi there ,
i heard a lot about ETN instant payment, but i don,t know how to make one ? cause when ever i try to send it takes 20 to 30 minutes to appear on the other side balance .

i also need to ask about 2 more things :
1 why the 10 ETN payout for the phone miner takes like 3 days to appear on my balance ?
2 why some times sending stuck and free balance deducted for days ? people say 172 hours MAX , then i should contact support if i wasn,t updated ? that happened to me when i was only moving 2K ETN to cryptopia and had 5 ETN on balance for commission as they wrote in the Tx conditions ?

It’s not really instant payment , it’s more like instant notification of a payment that will be made , i.e the person has the funds and you will receive the payment.

1 , I think it depends on the transaction times or how busy the system is ,
Or waiting for thx to be sent to the Blockchain
2 I had the same issue with 3k support said I have to send in smaller amounts and make sure there is enough etn to cover the fees …

If I’m wrong on number one I’m sure someone will pop along soon…



The instant payment system is only “instant” when it involves an etn managed wallet to another etn managed wallet. If you are transferring to an exchange it is handled the old way.

can u specify more the meaning of “ETN Managed Wallet” ? is it the merchant wallet for example ? “Merchant = Store Owner who sells goods with ETN” .

Sure. If you are using the wallet on or the android app you are using an etn managed wallet.
The other way is to run the daemon and get the whole blockchain and run the wallet software. Exchanges run their own daemon.
If someone is running their own daemon, then they are not going to be part of the instant payment system. You can still send etn to them, it will just be slower.
Hope this helps.

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On the merchant side. I don’t know for sure, but it is my assumption that there is an API that ties into their point of sale system that also ties into an etn managed wallet.

i,m on managed wallet and i,m talking about being slow , lol …
i think the deamon “command prompt version” is more speedy cause it hold all blockchain on your node and updated on each block .

anyhow i still don,t understand why the phone miner give me 10ETN and updated in my wallet in the 3rd day causae its not logic that the blockchain is busy 24*7 … may be there is a low priority for updating miner balance as its a reward not a real TX need to appear in a speedy manner and this could be some kind of optimization for the Blockchain congestion done by the developers . . i,m not sure and i,m discussing it with u to get all opinion hopefully one of the ETN tteam see the post and clear things out for us more

@Rach can you explain further please . Thanks