How to convert etn to euro?


Hi everyone,
How can I convert my etn to euro?
I mean to bring them to my Postepay Evolution or PayPal.


Sure you can use the liquid exchange -

Hope this helps, if you are not familiar with exchanges they look abit scary at first but are very easy to use there are many guides around. They let you withdraw to a bank account not sure if you can do straight to Paypal though.


Failing that, you need to convert to BTC or the like and then use Coinbase. Do a bit of research to find the lowest fees.


If Next Exchange ever goes live to the public, I believe you will be able to use paypal through them. Until then, Liquid is the only one I know of


One thing with Next is you do need to own at least 100 next tokens in order to use the fiat functions unless they change that in the future which I hope they do.