How to complete KYC when YOTI doesn't accept your country


just wait for them to update the new release of yoti on october…problem solve


I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina and they wont let me to add address manually. Anyone know if they will enable this?


We’re currently looking into this issue. Apologises for any inconvenience.


Its almost the end of October - yoti doesnt accept passport from my Country (Belarus) and i cant add my adress manualy. Why cant u do verification by yourself like they do it on exchanges. You are loosing so many members with this bad yoti app


Hola Rachel saludos. Te escribo para comentarte que contacte con el soporte. Pero ellos me dirije a la comunidad de electroneum. Sucede que no puedo crear una cuenta en yoti. Cuando trata de verificar el número de celular yoti no me envía los códigos de verificación. Y cuando trato de escanear el código QR con la aplicación ETN dedde mi perfil ME SALE ERROR. Y AQUI ESTOY ATASCADO. PUEDES AYUDARME RACHEL


ELECTRONEUM SHOULD ACCEPT SOME KYC VERIFICATIONS DIRECT ON THEIR SITE!! YOTI has become headache for some of us because it’s not standardized in all countries.
Verifying residential address with YOTI is impossible in many countries because you can’t be able to add it manually yet the documents asked for don’t bare the address, they only ask for a passport which doesn’t bare the address instead of accepting the bank statements, bills etc.


I suggest to the team look to new verify system outside of YOTI… at this website I found some:


I agree with you completely @Mr.CryptoCZ it’d be nice to have another good alternative. I think one that allows you to upload manually via your pc or laptop would be fantastic as an addition and would cater to far more people. Also one that accepts a far wider range of identification documents which has been one of the primary issues of course with Yoti. It would save ETN support a lot of tickets and work too.


100% agree its only to talk to these companies and ask them for help to us. I dont know if their service is much more expensive but we need speed up the process and make WORLDWIDE available.
Fast and Easy :wink:


Hello guys.
Unfortunately, in Brazil, it still accepts only the Passport. There is no possibility to manually add another form. The deadline is ending and unfortunately I do not know what to do, the queue to take a new passport in my country is enormous, besides the high cost.


You can make lvl 1 and other levels when you want… Not necessarily right now… But maybe they will not allow you full functionality of the app. It depends how much you own (coins)…


You need to scan the QR code on my.electroneum


Hi, Rachel.
I’ve tried it that way, but scanning it asks me to add my passport to include my address. I am waiting for the release of other documentation, whether by identity, driving license …
Thank you!!


Hola Rachel. Hasta ahora no puedo escanear el código QR. La aplicación yoti no me lo permite. Cuando intento escanear el código QR con la aplicación ETN MINIG desde mi PERFIL MY.ELECTRONEUM.COM ME SALE ERROR . El Soporte me dirije a la comunidad de electroneum. Puedes tu ayudarme por favor


Since Yoti Doesn’t support Address update for India Passport holders, How India users can complete KYC ?