How to change Username



Sorry for the basic question but does anyone know how to change the username? Mine is stuck ok a long number


Login to your Electroneum account and go under settings.





I wish one day everyone at this forum have a nickname :smiley: but it’s unrealistic :smiley:


i dont c the edit pen thing


I don’t have the pen thing either :frowning:


Actually nobody has it. Only from Professor onwards I believe you can modify your username.
Until then, one of the admins has to do it.


Makes sense. Thank you for your help


It is like you had one chance to change it when you joined the forum (before posting anything)
I believe the ETNbot guided me to change my generic 123abc name when I joined 3000 years ago
I was patient enough to read the info, and changed it before posting anything here

Now, even at Professor level I’m not allowed to change it…


Ah, that’s not good then. But I believe it is for the best, as people should stick to their original username.


Please feel free to send a message to the moderator in the forum, we can change your user name for you.