How to buy Electroneum

Hi, I want to buy electroneum about 5000 coins. How do I buy them. I’m new até Thais.

use an exchange. I used . if you are not in EU you could use or some other listed on the website

or use or to buy btc and send it to some exchange to swap it to etn


If available to you in your country, perhaps check out They have credit card purchases and then you can use their “Quick Exchange” feature to purchase ETN with the deposited amount (without having to touch the market).

Whatever you decide, i strongly suggest you spend some time learning. Look online, check out tutorials etc… get some knowledge before bringing money into it.


you can check the price of etn on various exchanges here


be aware that on liquid the credit card fee is 5% but the minimum fee is 10€ so if you buy 5k etn for let say 20€ then you have to deposit 30€

I use bank transfer instead of credit card. bank transfer fee is 0.99€ for SEPA transfers

also there will be trading fee. withdrawal fee is zero at liquid for now


Can you exchange watsapp for get some info about it

we can discuss here while :chipmunk:s are watching us

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its more tecnical now

what’s more technical?

about the app you recomended

ask here please :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:

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