How to buy electroneum without coinbase


Hello everyone,
I have already bought some etn but was wondering how everyone else was doing it.
When I bought etn for the first time I really got screwed. My plan was to buy eth with coinbase and then trade eth for etn on kucoin. So to make a long story short I bought the eth and then coinbase said they were putting a 30 day hold on my eth for no reason. So I got to just sit there and watch the screen for 30 days as the price of eth kept falling and screwing me.
I’m sure other newbies have made similar errors.
So can some of you more experienced people please give some pointers.


I buy BTC on localbitcoins, I have a guy from my country from where I buy all the time. It is bank to same bank transfer, which takes only minutes. After that, I transfer it to Cryptopia and then trade it for ETN.
Localbitcoins is the best option. Because you can even sell BTC there.


There is a bitcoin atm close by. Do you think I could use that and just give it my kucoin wallet address?


Heey @b39e1eea935a7da026a2 You could do that however mostly on Bitcoin ATM’s it cost a lot of fees before you actually got a little bit of bitcoin i think it will be cheaper to buy it somewhere else :thinking:


That is a good point, thankyou.


If your in the UK you can buy ETN from a website called cryptomate. You just need online banking and it’s really easy to use.
Minimum purchase however is £100 and they do charge 7%.


Coinbase LTC to Cryptopia then transfer ETN to offline paper wallets.


bitcoin, send it to cryptopia and trade for etn.