How to behave when you first join


This is a quick user friendly guide on how to interact on arrival

As a user of other well known chat groups and forums I found the transition strange. Here is what I have discovered and I hope it helps others.

Always post in the correct thread and do not cross post or “spam” as it is called.

Always be certain of a post before you send it as it comes up as a revision if you edit it after 2 minutes of posting and although deletions are allowed they are not to be used all the time as it wastes the admins time reviewing those deletions.

Have fun and follow the general feel of the thread that you are in, some are more formal and some are more relaxed.

Once you have joined, read the forum rules you will earn a reward for this and find that there are other rewards or Badges to get by being a good member of the community you are in.

This is a short guide but I belive it will help some people along the way especially with mass adoption around the corner and more people coming into this space who are more used to public chat forums and not a business chat forum.

Welcome Newcomers To The Electroneum Community Forum ! ⚡

Yes some very good and practical tips there.


As you begin your message, a sidebar on the right will list similar topics. Be sure you are not already posting about something already there.


Thankyou @The-Magic-Man for creating this topic and I hope you will add much more to it in the future.
Topics such as these are invaluable for people to navigate and add to the forum in an “orderly fashion”.
I see it becoming a thriving social space in the very near future.
This Community really Cranks.!
:heart: Electroneum :heart:


Where the newbies are they should be here reading


Great stuff, thanks for sharing @The-Magic-Man :purple_heart::chipmunk::blue_heart::chipmunk::orange_heart::chipmunk:


Great advise buddy hay guys what shall we do next week


Excellent thread thanks for adding this information…




If you share your referal code on your miner with friends they will get more ETN and so will you. :thinking:


Perhaps you might consider adding to your post that adding a relevant title when people create a new thread really helps engagement.


It would be well advised after being around for a while remain enthusiastic and not disrespect the buddy’s here. We are all what we are please respect that cheers.