How the door to Apple IOS mobile mining will impact ETN price?

In the near future Electroneum will open the door for all the millions of Apple IOS users to be able to mine on their iPhone. I am very very excited to see that day come. Can you imagine how many people are waiting till that day comes.

With Electroneums current price $0.006 usd

Without a doubt when that day arrives I hope yall folks have your bags in hand


What do you folks think how this will impact Electroneum?

I certainly don’t think this will hurt, but we have to temper our expectations on what it will do to price.

  1. Apple phones are 1st world luxuries and are a fraction of the market share that Android phones possess which is ETN’s target market.

  2. The miner as it exists today has struggled to get over 125k users on a much larger and more readily available android market share. This tells me the mobile miner is not spreading as we would like (yet). Adding Apple will boost the mobile mining, but I’m not sure by how much in the short term.

  3. We are still in a bear market and everyone is still full of FUD. I don’t care how much good news ETN could release in the current time, a bear market acts as a black hole sucking the life out of everything. While we may see a small boost in price, I don’t believe it would be sustained and would drop back down.

Until the bulls start to show their presence, I don’t know if any news would amount to much of a spike in the current environment. People are too on edge to get behind anything right now. Right now everyone is too focused on figuring out where the bottom is…not the technology that will propel it far from that bottom.

Outside of crypto, we have world markets on a descent as well, which means people have less money. Some may disagree with that coughStormcough but the charts do not lie. There is simply too much FUD both inside and outside of crypto that people simply don’t know what to do…when the smartest thing people can do is put their money in the promising projects that have already fallen the most. I would say buying as much ETN as you can right now would not be the dumbest thing anyone could do as I don’t see it falling under a half cent. But I’m not financial adviser, so take that advice with a grain of salt.

Hopefully in Feb we will have hit whatever perceived bottom everyone is currently looking for and the growth phase is underway. That will be the opportune time to release good news to propel that growth exponentially. Right now, is simply not the time unless we want to see that news eaten and spit out by the bear and forgotten by all.


I’m going to just have to say they’re real words of wisdom.
Im sure the News will temporarily spike the price.
As you say, Its going to take more than news to keep it there.
With Apple IOS mining comes significant exposure too, so its all another step towards “The Great Mooning”


My sentiments exactly. I think we may see .05 - .10 cents by March/April if things turn around and ETN hits their mark with Q1 projections.

Even that prediction feels too optimistic to me… might be .03-.05 cents


I think the ios app will be good for us but it don’t will have a sustainable price increase. Much more impact will then bring the right deals and the use of real etn.
I also see tremendous potential if we can buy and sell etn directly in the app


The driving force of the Electroneum project:

The business model starts off as a wealth transfer from developed to less developed nations. The rich lift the price. So iPhone users typically have higher incomes and will form a part of the rich buyers. They will help spur a rise over time in the ETN price and result in a wealth transfer (via free ETN) to users in less developed nations. Over time the ETN “pie” will get bigger and bigger. It’s a win win. Furthermore, these users will exist inside a much bigger ecosystem being rolled out by Electroneum via mobile networks, large retail brands and platforms like

The iOS news will give a price spike in the short term but support a rise in the price over time with easy of use/access to this sector for iPhone users and their wads of fiat. :slight_smile:


see this link etn has huge support from people

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