How much ETN is pending for your cloud miner?

I am at 107.17
I feel like it’ll be around 114 when it’s sent. Just a guess though

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No biggie, I’ve had it hang up until 117 something ETN already on the old miner. It’ll pay out, always eventually does.

Only 99.30 somthing so far this time…

The old miner used 10 ETN as the minimum payout… That’s crazy

Yea it was an early issue, I was one of the beta testers for it. Wasn’t worried about it paying out for a second, too much trust in the team for that.

Plain and simple, this a differentiating factor for ETN against all other cryptos. It has to work. It will, eventually.

İt’s one week after 120 and still waiting . raised a ticket and still waiting let’s wait again ,

Yeah, I opened a support ticket myself.

I did so because someone in the race to 100 etn thread said they received the 100 they earned quickly. Something seems to be preventing the automatic sending of a completed pending balance to the blockchain. Theory based on observation. I can’t say I know there’s a bug/glitch but it seems likely.

This thread is where I decided to open a ticket.


Maybe we need to wait for 100 Etn mined on cloud mining to be send to the wallet… I have now 117.57 and still waiting

my pending ETN IS 121.31 and still waiting raised an ticket but nothing happen

Support is only available on weekdays.
Plus the support staff is dealing with increased traffic due to MWC19, IOS launch, cloud mining on android and the new top up.

It’s not going to be immediate. :persevere:

Same here. Balance now about 121, but it’s been more than a week, so a weekly payout isn’t a thing yet…why is this not automated? At least, it doesn’t seem automated at this point. This new app cloud mining thingy is really annoying thus far, but maybe it’s just me.

How any ETN pending did you all have before you upgraded to cloud mining?

here too, at that point 117. It was already a problem not to pay quabdo came in the 10 on Android and persists in the cloud. Waiting for support response.

Nearly at 120 pending etn

i am now on 86.61, so getting closer to first mining payment :slight_smile: yay!

" Q1: The cloud miner is not paying some people after they hit 100 ETN. There are a group of people with 150+ ETN accumulated that are just stuck without getting paid and are just accumulating more ETN mining. What are we doing about this?

Nick: This is related to selfies being stuck. We would encourage people in this situation to use the EXTEND function within the CLOUD MINING tab to determine if they need to repeat the selfie process. If you toggle the miner off and on and it does not ask you to take a new selfie, that means you have now been added to the payment queue. Keep in mind this process can take up to a week until the ETN is paid to your wallet."

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You can create a support ticket if needed.
Try hitting stop mining and then hit start mining.

Oh and I received my payment shortly after that post quoted above this one.

I’ve done this , and it doesn’t ask for selfie . I guess I shut it down for an hour and try again later .

How do you create a support ticket ?
Oddly enough u have to make a separate account

And don’t leave your miner off, just extend every day to see if it asks for another selfie