How many wallets can be handled by a KYC in YOTI?


I wanna know how many wallets I can have by passing one KYC in YOTI?
If I have to pass several KYC for several my own wallets?


i think the beauty is that u’re allowed one account to stop fake accounts… that’s what I think. this should build trust in numbers


I don’t know the Answer to your Question, but the whole idea behind Yoti besides KYC Regulations is that you must Verify to be a unique Person and for the Benefit of the Mobile Miner - It will stop people being able to Farm Accounts and exploiting the MM, taking more than their fair share of the rewards. This is really Important because if they are going down the Cloud Mining route then having a safety gate is essensial.


Yes I know and this is an appropriate decision to omit fake accounts! But somebody like me wants to have 2 seperate account, one of them for trading and one of them for holding!


i think if u want to hold, transfer to offline… and that may put it into risk of loss. Idk if u’re allowed more than one account.


For trading, keep your Coins on whatever Exchange you use for Trading and your App Account for Hodling? Problem Solved.


Yes I have to do this my mate!:joy: