How many ETN will be lost in time and are already lost , and what effect will this have on the circulation and price!

Just like 4 million BTC are missing or lost How many ETNs will be lost during the course of time or have already been lost by for example a person dying and never passing on their passwords or private keys to family etc , or losing their paper or cli wallet whilst forgetting their original passwords !

We can say around 5% of the total supply could go into the wild and never be spent or used ! I can only see this as an inadvertent coin burn. No one can really truly put a figure to that but it certainly will happen over time to what degree i dont know its anyones guess !

When I am dead no matter how many etns is left behind me,
No one accepts etn in the hell :smile:

Good deed
Good words and
Good thoughts.


That’s Why I’m Advocating They introduce Next of kin…