How many coins you mobile-mined on 1 device?



I’m just wondering how much ETN you mined with 1 device only.
Currently I’m literally mining on my S7 phone since day 1 and I achieved 1205 ETN so far, with some referrals (under 10).

Is this good or bad?

I’m looking at ETN as a long term investment (at least 5 years), I bought some from Exchanges, but I’m also interested in this mobile-mining experiment :slight_smile:, because it exposes concurrency to completely new people and that’s very good for the long run.


My Refferals earned me 400 etn.
And maybe I earned 1500etn from day 3(without ref).


I’m earning basically nothing as the app closes constantly. I restart it a couple of times a day when I remember to check. My last payout was…I can’t remember. Nevermind; cloud mining is on the horizon… hopefully.


My app has slowed from 2 days to 4-5 days. My wife went from 2 days to over a week. No idea what is up with it. I don’t really mind as it’s supposed to be for the unbanked anyway. Either way it’s not worth investing a lot of time into it. As the price continues to rise the mining will become pointless.


Exactly, it’s a little bonus for us in the west, but a massive one in the developing countries.