How many Accounts on 1 IP address


Hello. I would like to know how many accounts I can have on one IP address? My son wants to start mining to.


I guess upto 5 account. But make sure to verify at least 2 level to send n receive etn


Per ip 5 but per user must have 1 account.


Thanks. What do you mean by “at least 2 level…”


You mean different name and email?


Level 2 KYC, check out

Login ~ Go to setting ~ My profile

Upload ur identity


Specifically section 17.2.2 applies directly for you “only use the Mobile Miner on one mobile phone per account and only one account per person, which you hold with us;”

There shouldn’t be a limit on number of devices per one IP, as long as you follow rules above.

Rest of Electroneum Terms and Conditions can be found here:


Thank you very much, this was very helpfull. Kind regards Daniel Sijtsma.


I don’t find the term “one account per person” anymore


Hi there,

You can have as many accounts as you wish, but you are only allowed to mine on one account/phone per person.


no, it doesn’t say one account per person. it says 1 pone per account. it doesn’t say 1 account per person


You are right it does not mention “person” however, only one account can be used to mine per person.


that’s just an assumption of yours. it should be explicitly stated because this can be abused/misunderstood


Yeah but I believe we already discussed this within the community, but yes its my assumption based off of previous experience. Maybe someone else will attempt to confirm.


let’s hope it will be fixed soon. can it be that with cloud mining the terms are changed?


I doubt they have changed, it would be easier to manipulate and cheat the mining system if more than 1 mining phone was allowed per person. Let me try to get a more clear answer unless someone attempts to confirm for us.