How long should it take to import from a paper wallet?



It’s really slow to import from a paper wallet - is this normal? Is there more going on behind the scenes which is causing the delay or is there something wrong? Been about 6 hours now which seems very excessive.


Heey @higltypig i don’t think it should take that long to recieve it no did you check the transaction?

I am not sure but i think on you can i might be wrong also :thinking:


oh ok, when i click on ‘find out more’ it says the average time to import is 7 hours.

News to me but glad it’s normal :smiley:


Well i hope it will get there fast to you @higltypig ! if it isn’t there tommorow i would send support a message :wink:


My lastest test import from a paper wallet took 7 hours (before etn was available)
Sending etn to web wallet from my CLI wallet took like 10 minutes
Sending etn from web wallet to another user was instant