How long is Account Level 2 - Supporting Document approved


almost 24 hours have not been approved?


Wait 30 days, then cry when your account is disabled. (It will be processed before then, remain patient)


22 hrs for me and still pending. Maybe there is too many documents the team is going through.
Might take some time.


I only ask… so that everyone also sees how long the process takes


The best way would be to have a local ambassedor here on the forum that can assist noobie users.


what’s the use of this forum if not to ask? … the reason I ask is I’m excited about this

Are you from the Electroneum team? having the right to disable people’s accounts


Sorry. What i meant by that was we ALL have 30 days to go through this process until our accounts are blocked / disabled. We can still use wallets until then, but after 30 days, unless the KYC is done, you dont have access to your coins.


I wonder what will happen to people who haven’t kept up to date with what they have to do, or who are just clueless. There are bound to be some of those.

Does moving to a paper wallet still count as a “send” and governed by the same limits. I remember all the “SCAMMERS STOLE MUH COINS” crap after the ICO, don’t want the same stuff again.


Yes, sending coins to any ETN address is considered a send, paper wallet or not.

I’m not sure what level 3 requirements are, but it its too much of a hassle, i’ll probably keep all my bags on paper and transfer to an exchange when its time to sell.


Read… i think account not blocked or disabled …After 30 days if you do not complete it, you will not be able to send funds from your web / mobile wallet until you complete it


This is going to put off western users. That may not be important.


Going on 2 days now… still pending.


put your coins in an exchange wallet and wait for the dust to settle


mine took about 2 days