How long does it take for ETN to arrive in wallet

I am new to ETN, having just bought some from a trading platform a few days ago. I decided to do a test run and transfer some to the online wallet. It was over two hours ago and my ETN online wallet is still showing a balance of zero. How long does it usually take and should I be concerned?

Thank you.

Usually hits your wallet after 10-20minutes but wont show until your wallet has finished refreshing.

How long ago did the exchange confirm it sent the transaction?

What was the transaction ID?

This way is usually quite fast around 20 minutes… but from paper wallet to mobile wallet last time took for me 7 hours… that was long

Understandable for a paper wallet, it has to be queued, then a server loaded up, a new wallet created using your paper wallets keys, then the entire blockchain scanned from block 0 to check its balance. Once that’s complete, it then has to create a new transaction, queue that being sent to the blockchain, transmitted to the network to be sent to your wallet, then finally the funds hit your balance and need to be confirmed.

Big job offering a paper wallet service. :+1:

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