How is the iOS beta going?


Hi, forgive me if this has been answered, I have not been around much these last 6 months in the online space. Last time I checked the mobile miner was up and working for non iOS devices but as an avid iOS user I was wandering what the state of play is with the beta of this and expected timescales when it may be launched fully?

I am very keen to see the progress



Friend has tested app on his iPad, works like a charm, iOS wallet is identical to Android minus the miner. We should see an increase in users once we go live.


Working great have only heard good things


App works very well, sending/receiving very fluid, while not completely instant yet, In my experience its much much faster than any of the other top coins and Coinbase. No simulated miner yet, however I do get a few coins every so often from my referrals who have android miners.


I’ve been beta testing since day one. Provided feedback a few times, got the app stuck once so forwarded that info to the team. App is quite basic but is does what it is built for. I’ve been wondering too when the full app will go live for iOS. I think it will have a positive effect on price/user numbers since it will increase overall trust about this coin. Hope it goes live soon, we could use a bit of positive news!


Will see a spike in users when it launches…


I think the application works very well, I use it quite often.