How I am promoting Electroneum in Brazil

I see a great opportunity of the Electroneum for games here in Brazil and I am independent using the Top Eleven Manager as a test.

What do I do?
I organize the game championship and that to participate the first time just download and start mining, and the second partitioning costs only 10 ETN in a symbolic way

How to attract?
Drawings of the items of the game, ETN and prize money are made.

How’s it going?
I’ve been doing this since November and we currently have 30 players in the league which is monthly. For dissemination I have a website that since November has had about 3000 hits. They are people interested in the championship and who had the first contact with encryption through the Electroneum.

And the future?
I’m developing a website that is in the final phase and uses the API, where people can use it to buy game items and gifts cards.

I am here to promote and seek support, because although I am doing very well, I am running out of resources to continue the project. This game can be an excellent opportunity to enter, there are millions and players in the world and the active community in Brazil is over 20 thousand.

If you have support, please contact us.

Great news if you have a Clara SIM… :sunglasses::slightly_smiling_face:

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