How etn can capture the whole world in no time


Dear Richard,
I am really excited to be part of this financial revolution.Anytime i accept or transfer ETN,i see it as a way of expressing my financial emancipation.
There a few things that can be done to drum ETN to the four corners of the earth.
It is no news that in some countries the media ,be it social ,electronic or print has been muzzled.People no longer know how the world functions.
I want to suggest you put in place ETN AMBASSADORS in each country.There is nothing wrong for a country to have 20 ETN ambassadors working in a decentralized manner.Their role should be clearly defined.
1.Organizing seminars
2.Running advert on radio and tv
3.Produce ETN t-shirts locally promote ETN etc.
They most be closer to the people,and work with the people while they report to ETN Management.
These would complement the partnerships you’ve made with Big Telecoms companies.


great ideas buddy, keep up the good work.


Yes. That’s so nice an idea. Once ETN has the partnerships in hand, it’ll be easier job for such ambassadors to gain more massive adoption when the presence is localized, and backed up by local partner Mobile Network Providers too.


i totally agree with you


Great idea! This would help in so many ways