How does one submit a job application to electroneum team?


Did I miss something? Is there a link that I overlooked. How does one submit a job application to the electroneum team? I don’t see anything on there website.



I would assume they use LinkedIn for that. But I could of course be wrong.


I would suggest the lack of initiative to figure out your own question - probably makes you exempt from working with Electroneum in an official capacity.

What kind of job skills can you provide?

I’m guessing Research and Technical Skills, are not your forte ?


Do you work for electroneum team? Or do you add 0 value to this conversation?


Hes not the sharpest tool in the toolbox I think we can assume that much :face_with_monocle:


Just helping you re-adjust your expectations - maybe apply to TokenPay or VeChain perhaps.




Ok 0 value added check box checked.


I haven’t added zero value - I’ve equipped you with the knowledge that enquiring about how to apply for a job on the forum of the company you want to apply to makes you look incompetent.

Sometimes the truth sound harsh - do you really think Richard will see this thread and think…?

“this guy…, this is the guy our company and it’s investors need to move us to that next level”…


What actually happened is you just made yourself look bad on a public fourm…


Yup, I’m the one who looks stupid…

Did they put something in the water back around 2000, so much incompetency in today’s youth


Unpleasant thread. Either tell him how to, or say you don’t know how to or else ignore it. But no, it’s name calling instead.


No name calling from me - I don’t know the OP and it’s not personal.

This is a multi million, forward thinking, leading technology, financial / cryptographic company - it would be obvious to expect they would want to employ the very best and the brightest minds. That’s part why we’ve invested. Or at least if we found out they were idiots we’d sell.

Richard previously talked about difficulty getting the best people who were in such demand they had to finish out contacts before they could join Electroneum team. Very bright people I imagine. Something that most investors would appreciate and find reassuring.

I will admit I could have avoided this thread or made a kinder suggestion…

However, taking into account this company is essentially responsible for the considerable investment of many (they are not directly responsible, but their business model means they effectively are, though not legally) - it is rather irksome to think someone who can’t even figure out the first step (how to send in a CV), simultaneously feels they have the considerable skills to join this dynamic “think on their feet” team. It’s proposterous.

Never before has humanity had such access to information, literally at their finger tips and without even having to leave the house … but given this unprecidented access to information - some still manage to need to have everything handed right into their lap, without reconsidering their own ability, suitability or lack thereof.

Here’s my thinking, the OP does not have the right stuff to join the Electroneum team. An I right / wrong, who knows?

But I’m entitled to my opinion and having my own considerable investment in Electroneum, I feel compelled to express my concern / exasperation.

Here is the advice I probably could have given, but didn’t - so obvious I thought it would be to everyone.

If you want to get employment (anywhere), get the company address, find out who is the boss (or HR person), write an engaging cover letter, attach your CV, put it in an envelope, write the name and address, seal the envelope, lick a stamp, attach it (to the envelope, not the CV), bring it to a high street or neighborhood letter box or post office (careful not to confuse it with a refuse bin), put it in the collection point usually labelled “Letters”… wait…, follow up with a short email after approx 2 weeks if no reply.


What…you sure a carrier pigeon isn’t the way to go?


Personally, I’d just show up on their doorstep with a bucket of wings and some cokes and ask if anyone is hungry. Then after sharing some wings, napkins, cokes and few goofy smiles, I’d pop the big question.

So what’s a guy got to do to get a job 'round here?


That at least would show some initiative, and… if you have the good fortune that the person you went to meet (/ ambush) finds “wings” irresistible - then perhaps you’re an unintended genius and you’ll get the job on the spot.


Didn’t your mom ever teach you manners? If you don’t have anything productive or nice to say then shut the hell up!
You really make your self look bad…

Also on a side-note I don’t have the time to figure out what your problem is but you’re definitely upset at something… so whatever your problem is… go get counseling…


Now in all fairness to Crypto_guy, many sites do have a direct link for job opportunities in their footer area somewhere that takes the person to the proper contact within the company.

I think that’s all he was asking, where is that link. It is rather odd that they don’t have one when they are actively seeking to hire more devs.

I’m sure he can work out alternative methods of inquiry.