How do i withdraw my earning


I have mined 10ent and i want to withdraw it but i read through some time ago that if you mine to 10ent it will be added to your wallet but my wallet is empty please friends suggest ways for me


Did you mine on the mobile miner? If so it should enter your wallet soon. Click on the notifications tab “the bell” and you can track and see if any payment has been completed. It should have 3 ticks =“payment received”.


I have check but it is empty. i used mobile miner


So wallet is empty, and how much ETN inside miner?


do you use more than one mobile miner?


It’s only mining more than 10 ETN use the mobile App and system auto send to you wallet later.


Bro relax since you reached the minimum requirement it will be added to your wallet automatically


When some people mine 10etn! image


I think after the minimum amount is reached it might take a little while for it to show up on your balance as far as i know but don’t worry it will come soon :sunglasses::+1:


About use over two days can finished ten ETN.


@a076de337f252822207d The mined coins shall be added to your wallet once you cross the minimum threshold. If I am correct, I guess its 200 coins before it gets transferred to your wallet as this is what happned with my brother.