How do I mine on a Mac

Hi everyone, and sorry if this has been covered before but I’ve search the web and can’t find any simple enough instructions!

I’ve downloaded the Mac mining zip from the Electroneum site with the importer/exporter/Electroneumnd files etc, and I’ve downloaded the full 13gb blockchain.raw file (because when I tried syncing to the blockchain from scratch with Electroneumnd it was 500 days plus behind and would take about 2 months to sync!!).

But how do I import the blockchain.raw file? I’ve tried to use the import file but it throws up a bootstrap error, where do I put the .raw file, how do I point Terminal to it etc? I’m sure it’s quite simple but I just can’t work it out!

Any help or simple instructions would be helpful as all I can find are instructions for a PC.

Thanks in advance

Don’t bother mining on a PC (get less than 1 ETN per day) by yourself. Need an asic miner. Suggest try mining some other coin with your mac and using those coins to buy ETN.

Yes you can pool mine as below (take into account power costs):

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I poolmine on iMac and PC in

You don’t need the blockchain with poolmining. If you use a CLI wallet then you will need it to sync your etn to your wallet but you can use the remote node method so no download of blockchain is needed then either.

This pool mines other coins and exchanges it to etn i.e. you get etn.

My iMac makes about 11 etn a day, PC 22 etn a day.

I use xmr-stak free software

for PC I use the binaries, for iMac I downloaded the source and compiled it

here are the compilation instructions


Look here:

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if you use the remote node method then no need for downloading. see method 3


Thank you for this. I noticed a lot of people mentioned pool mining but didn’t realise this was the better option. I’ll look into this today. Thx again for your reply & information

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