How do I mine ETN now?

with he latest update. I was wondering what to do to mine ETN now ?
Where do we connect our ascis to ?
Do we need to use new pools ?
Can we even still mine etn ?

Some more infos would be nice.

From what I understand you don’t its handled by trusted NGO’s and Charities now, you can mine through the app someone correct me if im wrong. Thanks

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also you can mine altcoins and exchange it to etn


Pay attention to the Thor’s Hammer mining pools. We currently mine another coin and it gets exchanged for ETN. Now, this is with CPU/ GPU, but perhaps they will start an ASIC pool that does the same. They did have a dedicated ETN ASIC pool before as well.

You can hop on to their Telegram and ask there. I honestly haven’t kept up with it.

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I’m mining on

more info on telegram by the pool owner


Thanks guys I get it now.

Maybe there could be a community pool that is connected to our ETN Accounts ?
I strongly believe the community should be able to mine as well.

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So let’s set up our ‘‘ngo’’ and inform the team. :slightly_smiling_face: