How do I enable Dark Theme?


During one of the forum tutorials (I can’t remember if it was Basic or Advanced) it mentioned that a dark theme could be enabled for the forum. Does anyone know where this setting is located? I can’t manage to find it.



It did Mention that but i still can’t find it either i don’t know if it’s on mobile or if its even implemented on the website but i would like to use it also i rather have a dark theme then the white one i hope they will enable it sooner or later :thinking:


Same. I do so much work on a computer, I need dark themes to keep my eyes from burning out. lol


@Satsukeshi haha you aren’t the only one :yum:


/s Pop your ray-ban’s on :slight_smile:


Reviving this because unfortunately this forum stresses my eyes due to the blinding white. I had lasik done years ago and my eyes are much more sensitive to bright light than they once were. All other sites I visit are on a dark theme. I would REALLY appreciate and LOVE a dark theme option here!


Hey, me too! Hands down, the best money I have ever spent.


I have just posted about that in #ideas-recommendations
Also, I have been using an extension on Chrome to surf the forum in Dark theme on Desktop, It’s called “Dark Reader” … very useful


Holy cow! Dark Reader works! Thank you so much! SOOOO much better now!