How did you find out about Electroneum?


I as always am curious about a great many things especially those that apply to Electroneum. My question to you all is how did you find out about this great coin? For me I was involved right at the I.C.O. opportunity and have not looked back since. Curious to know how you found out about it… and go…


I friend called me and say buy this ISO coin thing it is cheap, i was in a army exercise out in the woods when he called me, i couldn’t wait to come home and by ETN. After a week i was back, bought the ETN and then i stuffed the uniform back in the basement and become civilian and a ETN hodler.


Do you know I can’t remember exactly, I think at first it was through Facebook and then I made an account on the site and got emails regarding the ICO. I kind of didn’t take to much notice just wanted to see what it was all about but the moment I used the Android app I was sold. It was the easiest setup I had used to any other crypto so I thought there onto something here and the rest is history.


This exact article on Dec 21st, 2017.

I downloaded the software and I was mining in about an hour!
I realized then how powerful it could be as a coin if you could mine from a mobile. I had been investing in crypto for about a year, but this was the first coin that I mined first.


I was just getting into Crypto and couldn’t find anywhere that took New Zealand credit cards or accounts.

I came across Cryptopia who had just started up and had posted about Electroneum.
Then on Twitter there was nothing but ETN posts EVERYWHERE

So I gave it a try.


found out through facebook!


Jeff from Altcoin Buzz sometime in December 2017


I saw it in facebook too . People keep post about etn stuff and gaming online and mobile miner . But i ignore it , but day by day etn stuff keep appear in my new feed and i start reading what electroneum about . And i stuck there and directly buy when ICO .


In November 2017, my Lord Jesus Christ told me in a dream twice to go get the money from the bank that I must invest. At that time I was in deep rural Africa on missions and the resources were very scarce. My wife and I had been praying those days for a proper investment that would later help us spread the Gospel and help some of our fellow poor, sick and demon-oppressed Africans as we were sent my our Lord Jesus Christ to go preach the Good News to them in dreams and visions. So the dream from God to go get the loan was literally an answer to our prayers. And months before the dream, we did not even qualify for a loan, after the dream, money was available in the bank. For us that was a huge miracle!

So we got the loan from the bank and waited for the Lord to direct us to an investment project or company to invest this loan money at. At that time there were 1 000’s of ICO’s buzzing the internet and I was not even interested in these ‘scams’.

Then a brother in Christ called me and said he had been praying and fasting for days for financial help from the Lord and the Lord led him to an internet cafe in Durban (South Africa), when he logged in to his Facebook account, Electroneum ICO advert popped up. Right there in his spirit he knew that his prayers had been answered. He thanked the Lord and went through the white paper and signed up right away.

Then I told him about my dream as well. We both studied and absorbed Richard’s vision. Within a day, he sent me his link and I signed up and invested in Electroneum.

Then within few days of signing up, the Lord came back and revealed to my friend and I in a series of dreams about what the project would go through; all the spiritual attacks from the enemy. So He kindly advised us to exercise the fruits of the Holy Spirit i.e. peace and patience (Galatians 5:22) in the midst of all the turmoil along the journey.

So Electroneum is here to help pull out most of the poor from deep dark holes of stinking and inhumane grips of poverty (Isaiah 61) where the kingdom of darkness flourishes. And so attacks to the project are meant to happen. One can only hope that Mr. Ells and the top brass of the company are prayerful people.

So that’s how I knew about ETN and we are hodlers until further instruction from above. Thanks for asking and for allowing us to share our little story of faith and Electroneum. We hope it will also help others be at peace and patient with Electroneum Team as they work hard in trying to deliver their heavenly mandate. Peace!


In a facebook group during the ICO time.
Someone posted a picture which compared ETN with BTC.
I was instantly hooked and got more into it as I did further research on the coin and the team behind it.
Mainly, it was Richard’s videos/interviews that I saw during my research. Really started believing on the people behind the project.

dont believe in a coin, believe in the team behind it


Youtube via Money guru channel


A friend told me about this sort of new coin, Electroneum, which has an app that can give you coins for free. Of course, when I first heard that, I thought, ‘‘yeah, right, and pigs fly’’, because I knew the BTC, BCH, XMR or ETH ‘‘mining apps’’ from play store. But after creating an ETN account I seriously fell for this coin and for the game changer roadmap they had.
Excepting a few mishaps, ETN has been a blast until now!


I opened a newsletter I subscribed to long time ago when I started using I barely read the guys’ newsletter again, but somehow I just clicked it. He’s a trustworthy person and sounded convincing again, so I thought “lemme give it a try”. I had few dollars worth of bitcoin and I used it to purchase ETN and got some bonus too.

I’m so glad I opened that email, if I had ignored it like I do most times, I would have missed the early train :train2:


Just got lucky researching what cryptos I could get lucky with. That was about 3 or 4 months ago. Now I’m so glad I found Electroneum!


I remember watching a programme on the BBC news channel called click who were showing an article on crypto mining.
This was late March/early April and I had never even heard of crypto mining.
I was fascinated by the programme especially when they mentioned you can even mine on a mobile from apps on the playstore.
I soon downloaded the electroneum app and have been hooked ever since.


Was keeping tabs on the top 100 alts around the time of launch.


Sean davies, “crypto for the people” baby!!


I Think it was a facebook ad


For me it was someone from my work at first they were talking me into a ponzi scheme that ended up loosing me a tiny bit of money instead of earning me anything since then i hate those and him haha and around same time he told me about Electroneum so i did my own research and learned about Electroneum and read the whitepaper and when the ICO started i invested some money into the project and from that moment on i kept following the news surrounding ETN constantly and kept investing into it here and there and well now we are here 1 year or so later and i have super a lot of confidence about Electroneum and the Electroneum project and its only getting better and better i see a bright future of Electroneum and i am happy that i decided to start investing into this amazing project so far i didn’t regret my choice and will be following the project for years to come probably! Only thing i can say strap your belts everyone its going to be a bumpy long flight but we will fly beyond the moon and beyond mars and settle in a new Galaxy! :cowboy_hat_face: :rocket:


This video from Kinghuman brought me into ETN around 11 months ago in the ICO phase