How could I apply to beta test the android cloud mining


I volunteer for beta testing the android cloud mining update. Please? I appreciate any information on applying for this … I could be late.
Edit: its live! I updated and started cloud mining!


Do you volunteer as tribute?


That’s a terms of service agreement that I’d have to read before agreeing to… And no one reads those.


Lol. You could be missing out on your chance. Haha


I call this poem, A Tribute to Electroneum. It’s a haiku.

Tributes are easy.
But sometimes, they don’t make sense.


Genius! You are in beta testing! Well, maybe. If the team picks you. Lol


I dont think they will do one , just out as an update . Job done.

But if they do

Pick me pick me pick me …



Lol shakka o4, imagine that


when will could mining for Android be live? Anybody knows?


I’m really hoping to see the android app updated with things like cloud mining, notifications, address book and finger print before the MWC which starts on 25th of this month. There’s no solid date that I know of though but that would be wonderful. Fingers crossed lol


No confirmed date as of yet, However they said that (hopefully) this month before MWC, but could potentially be afterwards aswell.


I have my bets that there will be no public beta testing


Too late yes… it’s fully released. :wink:



Today I’d say. :wink:


OMG it’s here!
I just updated and started


Thankyou for volunteering as tribute. Lol. I told you you could make it happen.