How can I convert my ETN to cash (Nigeria Currency)

Am still new to Etn and I want to withdraw my ETN and convert it to cash but cant seem to find where to do that. Any help will be much appreciated…

On an exchange Rotty.

Remember to undertake your due diligence and research which exchange is best for your circumstances.

If you need help on how to trade on exchanges, google has plenty of videos.

Side note, dont forget you can use your ETN mobile app to top-up your phone data in over 140 countries and soon that will include utility bills in some regions. So you may want to look at that rather than pay fees trying to convert.

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Thanks a lots @BegaMutex I know I can recharge my airtime using my ETN and soon be paying utilities Bill’s with it, I just needed cash asap that’s why i need to make a withdrawal. Which exchange do you think is the best right now that I can use.?

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I cant give recommendations Rotty, as the “best” exchange depends on whats important to you.

Your location, volume, price, KYC, security, legitimacy of the company running it… a thousand factors that make it different for each person. Hence needing to research and make a decision yourself. :+1:

The second link I gave you above (coinmarketcap) shows volume, which is an “OK” indicator to how much an exchange is used. You could start there… but need to research yourself.

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Thanks a bunch… I will do my thoroughly research…

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