How can I complete level 2 since yoti doesn't accept ID card


I have been trying to create my ID on yoti and they keep rejecting my government approved, please what is the solution. Am from nigeria


Wait I have the same issue. :slight_smile:


I have the same issue, ETN should encourage YOTI to enable other form of government approved ID like Drivers Licence, Permanent Voters Card etc.


you need an international passport.


Which way now? What’s the solution now?


I have the same problem and support referred me to this forum but I’m not seeing a way forward after scanning the barcode using the yoti app from my electroneum profile


Same issue here and support just throwed me on this forum where i can find nothing :confused: lol nice work from electroneum support this is the great example how to not provide support for customers. You ask support about problem and they tell you to ask other people having issue !!! just great !!! i am “satisfied” with your support! XD


I used my UK driving licence without any issues. The only problem I had at first was that the photo had a refection so their software couldn’t read it. After taking another photo of the licence it was fine.