How can a NGO apply?

I have a friend who owns an NGO in Spain dedicated to educate people in environmental values and they do free courses how to pollute less and having green homes. They are interested in knowing how they can be part of the project. There is a post pointing to this community forum, but I didn’t find any info about what is needed to apply.
Any help in this direction will be appreciate.
Many thanks and greetings from Spain.

Great Question! I am interested also…

on another thread it is said:

Q: Can new NGOs apply to mine?

A: I If you know or are an NGO that focuses on vocational training and education, and that it is within the developing world, then we would love to hear from you via our community forum.

So you just alert @ETNCEO or @Rach here on any thread

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It is of no matter fore the project or ETN, but i would like if you did post a small presentation of the NGO in this thread since environmental NGO´s is important for me and many other people i think. NGO´s that can united us all

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