How about using GUI wallet and multiple accounts?

It is difficult for those who don’t know to make automatic updates and wallet settings manually in CLI wallets.
I use multiple paper wallets and it is long and laborious to constantly open and update individual client scripts and check them. A wallet with a nice GUI should come out.

At least all of the wallets attached in the application are automatically synchronized and we don’t have to deal with them one by one. Each paper wallet is easy to access.

Because the use of multiple accounts on phones is prohibited, so I prefer paper wallets that are both secure and unlimited.

I don’t know if the team has a project like this. I hope it is considered

I think the team has said that they won’t officially release a GUI wallet outside of the mobile app because it would circumvent the KYC/AML measures.


There couldn’t be a GUI which is connected to the my.electroneum wallets… but a GUI wallet could be written for general blockchain use with a node. (GUI version of CLI).

Would be nice for the community but I assume would a lower priority for the valuable dev resource in the team.


KYC / AML required for my.electroneum wallet not saying anything for them. What I said about paper wallet. These wallets do not require KYC / AML. We already use CLI in the current system, but they have difficulties. so I mean the GUI version of CLI type.

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