HOUBI GLOBAL: ETN is Launched! Trade to Win 5.7 Million ETN!

Well, if its that of a loss for you, i can donate you 150 to huobi, that bubblegum i can share with you.
The 150 min was stated in several official statements to, so it wasnt hard to spot


JonneHex, the email I received from Richard Ells asking that we open an account and deposit with Houbi does not mention a minimum deposit and that was the only “official statement” that I saw prior to opening the account and making the deposit, but thank you for your kind offer of the bubble gum.


Yeh, i ment it, i could donate 150 if you want to have it on huobi

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No, but thanks, I only opened an account and deposited because of the email. I’m new to crypto and now regard this as a learning experience, and the lesson is… don’t trust crypto exchanges.


how to compute
the trading volume you made on houbi?