HOUBI GLOBAL: ETN is Launched! Trade to Win 5.7 Million ETN!

source: https://huobiglobal.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000223502


How to trade ETN on Huobi? I signed up but could not find ETN to buy & trade.
Can anyone assist with more info.
Thank you.

Welcome to the community! Are you in the United States or Japan?

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Neither. I am in Malaysia which is closer to Japan.

Okay. I know that trading isn’t open to Japan or the US yet (I am in the US).

You are going to https://www.hbg.com/ right? That’s the global site.

Yes and I have registered at hbg,too.


Have you tried to go directly to this link?

No i hv not. Let me go & check it out.
Does this allow buying & trading?
Are U trading in it?

No. the United States has a different url than the global one.

Welcome @c6f83e0a0b033c4dfa14! :grin:

I am also not allowed to trade there yet, waiting for our time.

Thank you Dr Jan.
how long does it take to be active for trading?
As ETN founder said its open for trading already.

Can anyone explain the trading rules of the houbi competition? Didn’t make sense to me.

I opened an account with Huobi yesterday morning and deposited 100ETN but nothing has appeared in the account although my Electroneum account says the transfer is complete. How long should it take?

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150 is minimum deposit !

Deposit takes 50 confirmations on the blockchain, approx 2+ hours

So my 100ETN has disappeared into the crypto void; surely there would be some message on their website that would tell me the minimum deposit is 150?

If they have a minimum deposit it should not be possible to deposit less than that minimum, they have basically stolen my ETN in my opinion and will not be using them again!

The relevant details are clearly stated right beneath where you find your wallet address and “Tag” (i.e. Payment ID). Perhaps you simply didn’t read the “small print”…? I know it doesn’t help you get your 100ETN back but it is incorrect on your part to suggest it’s not stated on the website when in fact it is:

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Well, unfortunately I didn’t scroll down that far and the information is a light grey text on a white background under a heading of “Tips” which on my screen is hidden from view unless I scrolled down, so I have to disagree with your statement of “clearly stated” it should say that at the top of the page in large letters! Also, if there is a minimum deposit, it should NOT be possible to deposit less than that!

I’m sure that Houbi earn a lot from their new clients as a result of their ‘clearly stated’ tips.

Contact their support centre.