Hostage to Bitcoins

Really tired of ETN taking such damage when other coins plummet. With the 15% drop in ETH today, ETN drops 10%. Really hoping ETN can live on its own soon because the community and supporters are too strong and passionate to be continually held hostage.

Sudden Crypto Market Meltdown

Its not just ETN. Its the entire market and will continue like this until all the use cases are more defined. Right now its just Bitcoin and the gang of coins we can make money from. Later it will be: Coin A does this and that therefore the price is this and has nothing to do with BTC. You are tiring too quickly. Haha


Yes what will happen over time is less and less coins will be available as we will be buying them all up. So at some point the value should increase purely on the need for people wanting the coin and freaking out because there are only a few million left. This excites me in ways I can’t even explain lol…

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i can see why people are getting impatient especially with the boom in 2018 , im just glad i couldnt fomo in on the 12k btc …phew dodged that bullet

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Although BTC took a steep fall, ETN’s satoshi value actually INCREASED from 174 to 182.

With alt coins you really have to compare prices to Bitcoin, not USD, because it is BTC that sets the USD price for everything.


I don’t know if Satoshi value is for holders or what. I just see that for ETN spenders like myself, everything I buy or spend in ETN today has increased significantly across the board.

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