Holiday Spirit Contest Lives ON.... (Win ETN) 6 People Minimum Needed

So last year I did a month long holiday contest broken into different sections per week of holiday themed stuff to do. Running point totals would declare a winner at the end of each week upon which ETN payouts would happen. Sometimes even surprise daily pay outs in ETN happened. This year ramping up around end of November I will be doing this holiday themed event again.

Some challenges were not only individual but group related. Due to this I would like a minimum of 6 people to join in. It costs you nothing other then building friendships, having fun, and doing something different from the norm. All the folks that participated last year will tell you it’s legit and you will earn FREE ETN if you play, You can even earn ETN for placing last. Even non winners (outside of top 10) made out like bandits just for participating! Post me here if you are interested in being involved, then p.m. me your public ETN address, so I have it on file to pay you out when you win! .

The Contest Break Down:

Week One:Holiday Quiz questions from places around the world.

Week Two. Duo Challenge: you will have to hook up with an ETN buddy and create something each day together. This could be a story, poster, poem, anything really relating to the holidays

Week Three: Recipe creation and Challenge. You have to recreate a holiday recipe that someone else in the challenge has to make and report on. This was a clear winner last year and was a lot of fun to do. Holiday themed of course.

Week Four: Group versus group challenge: This is where you create the challenge for the other group. I will divide all those playing into team ETN and Team Moon

The requirements of the group challenge will be, A. It must be able to be completed within a day B. It must cost zero to create. C. It must be themed to holidays.

IF THIS interests YOU then post on this thread. I will have a monumental amount of ETN to give away just like last year.

I will need a MINIMUM of SIX participants to make this work. If there is more that is awesome!!!


Much Love- Thunder

P.S. As always for those wanting to send ETN to this cause (but may not want to play) to buff up the prize amounts for everyone, post me for my public address. Many of you supported last year and that made overall payouts into thousands of ETN. Plus supporting the community in an event like this is fundamentally awesome! I have put a large amount of ETN aside for this contest but I won’t do it if we don’t have at least six participants!!!

Yep. I’m in. PM me your address and I’ll chip in what I can.

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